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Cathode Lighting Systems Inc.
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  • New

    Slim Flexible Cathode Light Strip
    Model FCLS-Slim &

  • New

    Slim Cathode Light Strip
    Models CLS-Slim &

Welcome to Cathode Lighting Systems. We design and manufacture the highest quality cold cathode lamps and luminaires in the world.

Mainly, but not exclusively, used for indirect cove lighting, our innovative product line utilizes the unique end-to-end illumination feature of time-proven cold cathode lamp technology. Our cold cathode luminaires have no equal in the superiority of the lighting effect, color consistency, evenness of illumination or dimming compatibility.

All of our luminaires are small in profile, modular and are powered by integral high-performance, electronic ballasts. Our concept of the low wattage, ultra-long life cold cathode luminaire has garnered us a 2011 Progress Report award for our model HFCLS-Slim.

Please browse through our website where you will find a variety of phenomenally clever luminaire designs which perform beautifully and as always, are very contractor-friendly.

Cove lighting is most demanding application for any lamp source. Slight differences in the hue of the light source are amplified manifold when the illumination is viewed as reflected light upon the surfaces of an indirect cove. Our 27 years of experience demands that we focus on color consistency, energy efficiency, the most minimal dimensions available and the most trouble-free, long-lived light source that has ever been conceived.