Slim Cathode Light Strip

The Slim Cathode Light Strip is now the mainstay of our modular luminaire product line.

No other linear product offers more value and more options. The CLS-Slim is available in 12 standard lengths (in six inch graduations) starting at 24” and going all the way up to 90” long.

If any of the 12 standard lengths don’t fit your design requirements, Cathode Lighting Systems will manufacture any custom length required in both inch and metric sizes. No other fluorescent manufacturer in the world offers this degree of flexibility.

  • CLS-Slim ImagesCLS-Slim Endview
  • CLS-Slim
  • Custom Lamp OptionsCLS-Slim Yellow-Blue
  • CLS-Slim Yellow-Blue Sconce Perforated
  • CLS-Slim Red-Blue
  • CLS-Slim Blue-Green
  • CLS-Slim Perforated Sconce
  • CLS-Slim Lighted Sconce