Flexible Cathode Light Strip

The Flexible Cathode Light Strip (FCLS) brings cold cathode lighting into the 21st century. Highly versatile, the FCLS accepts any lamp shape, whether it be curved, straight or bent. It combines the best features of cold-cathode lighting—long-lasting, shadow-free, elegant illumination—with the simplicity of a self-contained, discreet, flexible fixture.

Our High-Efficiency Flexible Cathode Light Strip (H-FCLS) is one of our newest low-wattage luminaires (indicated by our green leaf symbol .) Featuring a phenomenally long lamp life combined with a small energy footprint, the H-FCLS is perfect for LEED-compliant projects.

  • FCLS ImagesFCLS End View with Curved Lamp
  • FCLS End View
  • FCLS Middle Section
  • FCLS Unplugged
  • FCLS End to End Illumination
  • FCLS Without Lamp