Slim Flexible Cathode Light Strip

The Slim Flexible Cathode Light Strip is the latest evolution of our flexible cathode product line.

With minimal dimensions (1 5/8” wide and 2 3/8” tall with lamp installed) this luminaire can flex and bend to accept almost any shape, size or curvature of lamp that our factory can manufacture.

Its small dimensions and lack of any remote wiring or ballast installation allow it to be placed in the smallest of coves, while still delivering a phenomenal indirect lighting effect.

This luminaire is offered in two brightness levels: FCLS-Slim (approximately 60% of the brightness of T8 fluorescent at approximately 7 watts per foot) and HFCLS-Slim (45% of the brightness of a T8 fluorescent at less than 5 watts per foot). Our HFCLS-Slim was chosen as an IESNA (Illuminating Engineering Society of North America) 2011 Progress Report selection for its “unique and significant advancements to the field of science of lighting”.

  • FLCS-Slim ImagesFCLS-Slim Middle
  • FCLS-Slim Overhead View Curve
  • FCLS-Slim
  • FCLS-Slim End View
  • FCLS-Slim End View
  • FCLS-Slim End View
  • FCLS-Slim End to End with CLS-Slim