Description Kelvin Temp Catalog Number  
Candelight 1900°K 19TC Candlelight 211
Golden White 2300°K 23TC incandescent 31
Sunrise 2400°K 24TC sunrise 331
Incandescent 2500°K 25TC warm tone 311
Warmtone 2700°K 27TC
Warm White 2900°K 29TC warm white 7
Warmlight 3000°K 30TC warm white 44
Soft White 3500°K 35TC 35 tc 34
Satin White 4200°K 42TC satin 325
Ice White 6300°K 63TC 50 tc num 5
Daylight 8300°K 83TC 6500 num 66
Pink White N/A PW natural white 6
Deep Blue N/A DB super blue 12
Sky Blue N/A SB
Aqua N/A AQ aqua 38
Turquoise N/A TQ turquoise 9
Green N/A GR traffic light green 39
Light Green N/A LG light green 20
Gold N/A GD traffic light yellow 527
Yellow N/A YL pineapple
Salmon N/A SL salmon
Purple N/A PR magenta
Pink N/A PK hot pink
Red N/A RD red
Orange N/A OR french orange 544

Please note: this color chart provides an approximate representation of lamp colors and should be used as a guide only. For actual illuminated samples, please contact a Cathode Lighting Systems sales representative.